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Who is she

Nandita Sharmin is the Founder and CEO of Bangladesh’s leading Herbal Skin and Hair Care Brand “Amlaki”. Born to influential banker couple Binod Chandra Baul and Sabita Siraj, Nandita started her life in Paribagh, the heart of administrative Dhaka. With respect to her family background, Nandita completed her graduation in Accounting and post-graduation in Marketing from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. However, Nandita’s calling led her to a very different world altogether.

Nandita’s primary, secondary and higher-secondary education took place in Bangladesh. Serendipitously it provided her the opportunity to absorb Bangladeshi culture and heritage before she had to travel overseas. After completing her higher education from Cardiff Metro, Nandita pursued a career in banking at Barclays Bank, UK. However, this career path didn’t fulfil Nandita’s aspirations.

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Nandita’sMotivational quotes

It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.


Nandita's Initiatives

Most of us are raised to recognize and abhor unfairness, but familiarity with a situation can and does inure us against its blatant iniquity.
We are too close to the problem to be able to truly feel its repercussions. Nandita views it as her obligation to try to better the conditions of life and society around her.

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Nandita's Take

Date: October 4, 2019

“Virgin” Removed From Marriage Certificates in Bangladesh (Are Problems Gone Too?)

  • Nandita Sharmin

A five-year-long legal battle has come to a fruitful end. Bangladesh’s High Court has ruled that women now need not declare, on their marriage certificates, whether they are a virgin (“kumari”)

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Date: October 4, 2019

Too Much Pride to Learn About Climate Protection from a 16-Year Old

  • Nandita Sharmin

While the picture could possibly find its place in the meme ‘hall of fame’, it does reflect the seriousness with which the 16-year old Swedish climate activist is pursuing her campaign. read more

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