Cyber Bullying

<span>Cyber </span>Bullying

Cyber Bullying

We’ve all been victims of cyber bullying. One hateful comment can spoil our entire day. The repercussions for people who are sensitive or at an impressionable age can be far reaching. 24% of cyber bullying victims have contemplated suicide at some point. This cannot be ignored. Young parents have to be vigilant as to what their kids are doing on their laptops. We should teach them the power of hateful words. It doesn’t take much to spread kindness. We are all fighting our own battles – let’s not make it worse.

It has been observed that children who have been victims of child abuse at some point usually resort to being cyber bullies to channelize their misplaced angst. If your child complains about anything that bothers him/her at any point – please do not take it lightly. Seek professional help if need be, there’s absolutely no shame in that.

Let us spread kindness like confetti. It’s easier to spread happiness and love than it is to spread hatred and aggression. This is all a vicious circle – depression, stress, anxiety, ADHD – please take action at the slightest hint of any of these. Let us pledge to take mental issues as seriously as physical issues.

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