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Nandita SharminHerbalist and Entrepreneur

Nandita Sharmin is the Founder and CEO of Bangladesh’s leading Herbal Skin and Hair Care Brand “Amlaki”. Born to influential banker couple Binod Chandra Baul and Sabita Siraj, Nandita started her life in Paribagh, the heart of administrative Dhaka. With respect to her family background, Nandita completed her graduation in Accounting and post-graduation in Marketing from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. However, Nandita’s calling led her to a very different world altogether.

Nandita’s primary, secondary and higher-secondary education took place in Bangladesh. Serendipitously it provided her the opportunity to absorb Bangladeshi culture and heritage before she had to travel overseas. After completing her higher education from Cardiff Metro, Nandita pursued a career in banking at Barclays Bank, UK. However, this career path didn’t fulfil Nandita’s aspirations.

With unconditional respect towards traditional practices in ayurvedic medicine Nandita delved into the world of herbal medicine and cosmetics and not as an amateur. She completed her Herbalist Diploma from UK School of Natural Health and Science and then went on to complete her Advanced Diploma in Phytotherapy from the School of Natural Skin Care, UK. She then received another diploma of Advanced Master Herbalist from the prestigious UK Center of Excellence.

An important realization in Nandita’s life was the fact that how western brands utilize the knowledge of herbal remedies originating from South East Asia without any acknowledgment of its roots (!). This revelation led to the inception of “Amlaki”. Walking in the foot-steps of her late grandfather Lal Mohan Baul who was a renowned ayurvedic specialist, Nandita started her own herbal skincare brand in 2017. The goal of her venture was to promote the responsible use of herbal products and ensure they are used with the highest degree of safety and efficacy. With this mission, “Amlaki” not only provides skincare solutions for women and men alike, but also features blogs to help readers take better care of themselves and their skin. However Nandita also attributes her capabilities in herbal medicine to her interactions with Dame Anita Lucia Roddick, the founder of Body Shop UK as well as Shahnaz Hussain, renowned skin and hair care specialist.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg with Nandita. In all of her success Nandita has found the most important aspect of her existence in helping others, especially women. Being an advocate of female rights, Nandita has created her own platform named “Nandita Speaks” which is registered as a social welfare organization in the UK. “Aamra” (We) is a project under “Nandita Speaks” that focuses on the household helpers in Dhaka city. The project’s primary goal is to identify health complications among this impoverished population of women and treat them in cooperation with local doctors and hospitals to ensure their good health. With unconditional effort toward female empowerment and well-being “Aamra” has helped more than 5000 women in this community and aims to reach 40% of all household helpers in Dhaka city between 2020 and 2025. Apart from her personal endeavors Nandita has also involved “Amlaki” in social welfare activities in collaboration with KK foundation which provides day care services for children of poor working mothers.

Nandita has used her influence and popularity to address other social issues such as personal hygiene and personal space issues for women, environmental conservation and cyber-bullying. She has achieved this through blogs featured on her personal website . Nandita’s efforts have been relentless in sharing her privilege with the impoverished community, and now her views have rallied support both in Bangladesh and abroad.

Nandita’s Motivational quotes

As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness.


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