Concept Note We believe we can all make a difference.

Our way: We distribute happiness

Project name: Aamra (We)

Project duration: Year 2020 to 2025

Target people: House hold helpers (Female)

Number of people: We have touched more than 5000 females but or target is to reach the whole Dhaka city to make divine community for the home makers.

Target number: Total domestic workers in Bangladesh: 331,000 according to labor force survey 2006.

1 st year your project will cover 5 percent 
2 nd year 10 percent
3 rd year 25 percent
4 th year 20 percent
5 th year 40 percent of these people

Note: This percentage and number may vary

Goal of the cause: The house hold helper’s community in Dhaka is big community at the same time they are most isolated community. Some of the helpers are the main income person oftheir house and their families are quite big and all are dependable on one person. Majority of the people are from out side Dhaka they came in search of works and living in a slum which is the unhealthiest place to live. So, in this scenario they face different types of health issues and commonly Thyroid, and Anemia is big problem and most of them doesn’t know about their illness.
Now our target is to identify the health causes and treat them well in corporation with the help of local doctors and hospitals to ensure their safety health.

Action Plan: Our action plan will be we will make area wise community for the female house hold helpers, each of them will get health card along long with their personal and medical details. We will be creating every alternative health check-up boot camp through professional doctors and guide them accordingly. On the other hand, we will be providing basic medicines for them. Since the global pandemics hits us so badly and the huge number of this group has lost their daily works which was their only way of survival and this is the time to help them out with their basic needs.

Donation criteria: Direct donation.
Location target: Dhaka (female house hold helpers)

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