We are what we eat. It is so important to both eat right and eat in the right quantity. It is a myth that healthy food is not tasty. Nutritious, freshly cooked wholesome meals can be a big lifestyle change. We can start by making small changes in our daily lives and actually feel the change. Week 1 – don’t eat anything which has preservatives. Read the ingredients. Inform yourself. Week 2 – no sugar week. Stay away from processed sugar (It also loosens the elasticity of your skin!). Eat a fruit or a spoonful of honey every time you get a sugar craving. Healthy eating is a lifestyle, it is a choice we make everyday. Try it, your body will thank you eventually.

The importance of good, healthy food extends beyond just the physical benefits. It has an enormous positive impact on the mental well being as well. Eating well is becoming more of a science and less of an enjoyment. We need to find the right balance between the two. Fresh food we’ve grown up eating, rice or rotis, will seldom lead to weight gain. We should learn to listen to our bodies – they will tell us what works and what doesn’t without fail.

Let’s take baby steps towards a healthy and happy life!

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