Our Initiatives

Most of us are raised to recognize and abhor unfairness, but familiarity with a situation can and does inure us against its blatant iniquity. We are too close to the problem to be able to truly feel its repercussions. Nandita views it as her obligation to try to better the conditions of life and society around her. In fact, pursuing this goal isn’t a choice she has made, but her purpose.

Women Empowerment

We’ve to fix each other’s crown without telling the world that it was crooked. If we don’t support one another, who will? If we’ve been blessed with a uterus to give birth to life, we’ve also been blessed with a brain to pursue our own life first. The freedom of choice is paramount. You could be a homemaker, you could be the CEO of one of the biggest brands, you could be a figure skater – your life, your rules.

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Things we should teach our children

All children are born equally different. We really need to start telling our little girls that they’re beautiful, no matter what. We should teach them about inappropriate touches. We need to stop forcing them to show affection to people they don’t want to.

We need to do away with teaching our precious girls how to look after the house because their entire adult life will revolve around it. Let them dream. Let them fly. Let them make their own mistakes and find their own paths.

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We are what we eat. It is so important to both eat right and eat in the right quantity. It is a myth that healthy food is not tasty. Nutritious, freshly cooked wholesome meals can be a big lifestyle change. We can start by making small changes in our daily lives and actually feel the change. Week 1 – don’t eat anything which has preservatives. Read the ingredients. Inform yourself. Week 2 – no sugar week. Stay away from processed sugar (It also loosens the elasticity of your skin!). Eat a fruit or a spoonful of honey every time you get a sugar craving. Healthy eating is a lifestyle, it is a choice we make everyday. Try it, your body will thank you eventually.

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Personal Hygiene

We don’t have to break our banks in order to look well groomed. First impressions last forever – and our physical appearance is usually 80% of the first impression. A little effort goes a long way. Maintaining basic hygiene is also important for medical reasons in a hot and humid country like Bangladesh. Things we tend to ignore can be very off putting. Half the battle is won if we make sure our nails are filed, clothes are ironed, shoes are clean and polished, and breath smells fresh. We all know these things, but a little reminder does not hurt!

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We can all now feel the brunt of climate change. A notion which was just theoretical up till now, has manifested itself physically. Bangladesh, especially, is very vulnerable to the rising sea level and is prone to devastating magnitude of flooding. We as consumers, should be very conscious of what we are doing and using and its immediate impact on the planet. Single use plastics should be completely banned.

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Cyber Bullying

We’ve all been victims of cyber bullying. One hateful comment can spoil our entire day. The repercussions for people who are sensitive or at an impressionable age can be far reaching. 24% of cyber bullying victims have contemplated suicide at some point. This cannot be ignored. Young parents have to be vigilant as to what their kids are doing on their laptops. We should teach them the power of hateful words. It doesn’t take much to spread kindness. We are all fighting our own battles – let’s not make it worse.

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