Women Empowerment

<span>Women </span>Empowerment

Women Empowerment

We’ve to fix each other’s crown without telling the world that it was crooked. If we don’t support one another, who will? If we’ve been blessed with a uterus to give birth to life, we’ve also been blessed with a brain to pursue our own life first. The freedom of choice is paramount. You could be a homemaker, you could be the CEO of one of the biggest brands, you could be a figure skater – your life, your rules.

Woman Empowerment stems from woman emancipation. Woman emancipation comes from early stage education and access to information. Most women in Bangladesh have come to believe that servitude is the general way of life. They do not know how to have a voice – let alone fight for that voice. Education and empathy is the only way to liberate women.

Let us all take it upon ourselves to shake the very shambles of patriarchy. Let us be strong and fierce and question everything which our heart does not allow. Bangladeshi women have lived for their families long enough. It’s about time they live for themselves. Let’s pledge to uplift our fellow sisters.

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