Things we should teach our children

<span>Things we should </span>teach our children

Things we should teach our children

All children are born equally different. We really need to start telling our little girls that they’re beautiful, no matter what. We should teach them about inappropriate touches. We need to stop forcing them to show affection to people they don’t want to.

We need to do away with teaching our precious girls how to look after the house because their entire adult life will revolve around it. Let them dream. Let them fly. Let them make their own mistakes and find their own paths.

We should teach our little boys to respect girls. Tell them the importance of consent. Tell them that crying does not make them weak. It’s alright to feel and express. It’s alright to say no. We should always have courage. We should always be kind.

We need to stop assigning a false sense of bravado to masculinity. Sensitive boys are dissed for being too effeminate. Girls are supposed to be sensitive and caring and boys are supposed to be strong and emotionless. These gender defined norms are ruining are kids leading to rampant depression and a strong belief that the society will ostracise them if they don’t conform to it.

Let’s start with breaking these stereotypes today. Act before it’s too late!

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